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  • The Brazilian Buttlift: LILFOX Edition

     Whether you’re celebrating on the beach in Rio or having DINE & DETOX  Friendsgiving at home the real magic doesn’t start until dinner is ...
  • Our New Secret Weapon: Heidi

    They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that was before she arrived. Meet Heidi, LILFOX’S expert Beauty Editor  & your new Skin Care G...
  • The Beauty Nurse +Her Pregnancy Skin-Saver

    Melissa Berg aka @thebeautynurse is one of LILFOX’s favorite professional partners. She founded Crafted Beauty, a luxurious medical spa in Spokane ...
  • Feel the Vibe. Energy-Aesthetics + our Muse Emilee Fernandes

    Meet Emilee, the spa-industry thought leader behind frequency aesthetics.    She’s the esti that trains the other estis. She’s an expert’s exper...
  • High

    We have been working with Lead Aesthetician Ashley Austin to offer a unique range of energy-focus face and body protocols for our luxury spas and h...
  • Solstice

    Our solstice ritual is all about flowers, crystals, and keeping the energy flowing. You’ll spend extra time on facial massage, drenched in LILFOX ...
  • Skin Plumping
    Deep Chill

    INGREDIENT DEEP DIVE:  Cupu-cool is a refreshing, herbaceous, glowy wake up call for your complexion. Use it as a overnight treatment balm, a mois...
  • Everyday

    We are constantly thinking how we can do better. This month of April we are shedding some light on our constant and evolving efforts to do better...
  • Facial How-To
    + Beauty Crush Interview

    Meet Ashley Austin, Lead Aesthetician at LILFOX + Professional Trainer   Who is your beauty idol? I had to think about this question intently. ...
  • Beauty Tool Box
    How to Properly Care For Your Tools

    Don’t be a tool! Proper tool care ensures a long life for your tools, best results for you, and good clean fun. Storage All LILFOX beauty tools co...
  • Illumina
    A love affair with Quartz


    We have an innate love affair with clear quartz. Known as the master healer this translucent gemstone is also considered to be the light bringer of the crystal world.

  • #unboxLILFOX
    monthly gift

    We are constantly thinking of how we can spread more LILFOX love. If you are reading this you probably know how LILFOX is the true definition of th...