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The Brazilian Buttlift: LILFOX Edition

The Brazilian Buttlift: LILFOX Edition

Whether you’re celebrating on the beach in Rio or having DINE & DETOX  Friendsgiving at home the real magic doesn’t start until dinner is finished.

Enter  BLUE LEGUME hydra-soothe treatment. “Collagen producing, lifting, smoothing!"  Naturally one would wonder where else I can use this  Micro-Algae mask. Why stop at my beautiful face when I can show a little extra love to my favorite asset.

I call this ritual “The Brazilian Buttlift: LILFOX edition, and it is a tip you are not going to regret taking. Trust me. All you need is a pillow, your BLUE LEGUME hydra-soothe treatment, APHRODITE toning mist and a slice of pumpkin pie (the last one is optional but I highly suggest it).

1 Start by propping up your pelvic area with a firm pillow.

2 mist the desired skin surface with APHRODITE toning mist

3 Apply a thick layer of Blue Legume to skin's surface, massaging in a circular motion to penetrate deep in your skin

4 leave the mask on so it can penetrate and  rehydrate with Aphrodite. (I like to eat a slice of pie while I wait.)

5 hop in the shower and rinse with cool water.

After a nice body polish with your salty friend FLOWERBALL, start your ritual.

This pudding-like mask is detoxifying, lifting, helps produce collagen, and brightens. Ten minutes with this bright blue baby is magic. The perfect addition to your ritual this mask is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and heightens collagen production.  

Collagen is our skin's best friend for keeping young, meaning the collagen stimulation of Wild Pansy is a must.

  • Wild pansy is a potent polysaccharide, increasing the skin's ability to retain water and increasing concentration of hyaluronic acid within your skin, this encourages collagen production. Collagen improves skin elasticity and blood flow to the skin making a more youthful bright appearance . 
  • Taking this and combining it with the repairing power of niacinamide aka vitamin B3 you're asking for perfect skin. Niacinamide hydrates skin and also treats hyperpigmentation, it also like collagen helps with elasticity.
  • Add in some Babassu from northeastern Brazil, which is filled with Vitamin E and Phytosterols, these are antibacterial and encourage healing. Babassu is also filled with antioxidants that combat inflammation.
  • Don’t forget the mushrooms! Shiitake and Reishi Mushrooms which contain polysaccharides, which increase stratum corneum cellular turnover, leaving a fresh outer layer. These mushrooms are also a powerful immune boosting and nutrient packed with vitamin B+D, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. These mushrooms 

To top it all of BLUE LEGUME is also intensely hydrating with algae and violet extract creating a firm and bright skin.


With all the amazing changes that this magical mask brings to your skin, don’t worry there’s also the UV protection brought in with Edelweiss, a soothing anti-inflammatory plant. The powers of BLUE LEGUME are seemingly endless.