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Our New Secret Weapon: Heidi

Our New Secret Weapon: Heidi

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that was before she arrived.

Meet Heidi, LILFOX’S expert Beauty Editor  & your new Skin Care Guru.

Heidi has spent 20 years in the fashion and skincare industry- a muse to Karl Lagerfeld & a top model in fashion, her BUSINESS IS beauty. As a model, whether she was on sets in Paris or New York, walking the runways for Dior and Chanel, or hopping on a flight to Shanghai Heidi knows first hand that a hectic lifestyle can take a toll on your skin. 

Along with the success in her modeling career came the perks. Heidi was gifted many high-end skin care products from some of the biggest names in beauty, BUT she struggled to find the one that worked for her specific skin type. She needed to find products that were sensitive to acne, cleansing for clogged pores, provided hydration, along with the means to age vibrantly. When Heidi finally found LILFOX she fell in love and curated the perfect ritual to repair, hydrate, and bring out her inner flawless queen. 

 After what seemed to be an everlasting journey, Heidi gained an understanding that a healthy dose of self-love & a killer skin care ritual is not only something everyone deserves but they need. Now she is ready to spill the tea and share all of her little secrets.

Here is a peek into Heidi's morning ritual for picture perfect skin....



Dirty Girl

Let us begin; lightly dampen face then massage in Amazon After Dark. This cleanser not only removes dirt, it moisturizes without clogging pores leaving the skin soft and free of impurities.



Time for a morning cocktail. Marshmallow Poof, Haute C, and Prickly Pear mix into the perfect morning emulsion.  Adding more moisture, it gives skin a tighter, plumper, and brighter glow…


Seal The Deal

Keep it rolling with Kalahari. Simply roll this serum under your eyes, the oils and their scents are the perfect final touch, seal it in with spritzes of Orange Blossom toning spray, you’re all set for whatever the day throws at you.