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  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, GYPSY NIGHT Basil Leaf + Spearmint Hand + Body Cleanse 474ml
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, GYPSY NIGHT Basil Leaf + Spearmint Hand + Body Cleanse 474ml



Basil Leaf + Sweet Spearmint Hand + Body Cleanse

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A gorgeously thick textured and nourishing hand and body cleanse made from Earth friendly biodegradable ingredients. Organic olive and coconut oils nourish and moisturize leaving skin clean and supple. Aromatherapist and sommelier blended essential oils of pure basil leaf, tussle, sweet spearmint, Tunisian rosemary, and Sicilian lemon and bergamot citrus peel. 

A sensual layering piece to your shower or bath ritual. 

Results: Clean petal soft skin. 

Skin Type: All skin types.

Texture: Thick jelly cleansing heaven. 


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Top: Rosemary, spearmint leaf

Heart: Sweet basil leaf, tulsi, palmarosa


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Sweet Basil oil exhibits a distinctly fresh green herbaceous aromatic profile that awakens the senses. 

Tulsi is an adaptogen with an ituitive sense of creating wellness depending on what energies the body need, relaxing or awakening. Distilled in India from the flowers and leaves where it has been treasured for centuries. 

Bergamot citrus peel oil displays a rich juicy slightly floral and rich rich fruity bouquet with a slightly herbaceous undertone. Prized by aromatherapists for the linalyl acetate molecule being able to instantly calm, uplift and balance emotions. Also supports physical relaxation as it can ease tense muscles and joints.

Peppermint helps to reduce unwanted bacteria and viruses as well as reduce inflammation and pain.  High menthol molecular content helps to clear the respiratory system. Refreshes the senses and stimulates new ideas. 


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Ingredients: Aqua, Saponified oils of Olea europaea fruit oil*+ Cocos nucifera fruit oil* Sodium alginate, Essential oil blend including Ocimum basilicum oil*, Mentha spicata oil*, Citrus Limon oil*, Citrus bergamia oil* (FCF)

*Certified organic

 Size: 474 ml. / 16oz in a recyclable reusable glass bottle with pump top. 

Biodegradable, Earth friendly, Free of synthetics (fragrances, sulphates, parabens, glycols).

Vegan. Cruelty Free.


  • Massage into damp hands then rinse.
  • As a body cleanse, massage into to damp skin and rinse. 
  • May use a biodegradable sea sponge for extra lather.


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