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Green with Envy: DiscoVerte Green Mist Trio Deep Dive

Green with Envy: DiscoVerte Green Mist Trio Deep Dive

Each verdant mist is made fresh, just hours after harvesting. Green Tea from the mountains of China where the perfect conditions of high rainfall and sunlight create a precious distillation. Adaptogenic Tulsi which historically has been grown near sacred temples in India, and biodynamically farmed fresh Cucumber grown right here in the US.


The process of picking from these plants at their freshest point and distilling within hours captures the healing cellular waters, making them superior aromatically and energetically to hydrosols using dried plants.


Using these mists is like eating raw for your skin. We focus on bringing the benefit of the entire plant energy to our hydrosols, navigating the globe for the highest quality verdants you can find. “Hydrosols are the holograms of the plant. Hydrosols contain all of the plant in every drop, just like a hologram.” -Suzanne Catty (Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy)

The unlikely combo of the fresh greens infused with the ancient energetic power of gems makes this product as extraordinary as the stones it contains. Each hydrosol contains a raw gem: Moonstone, Jade, & Emerald, infusing their healing powers into your mist and leaving you in the end with a perfect raw stone for continued self-care. Moonstone taps into our compassion and empathy, along with rebalancing our hormones, where Jade is associated with our Heart Chakra bringing calming to our senses and our skin, the addition of Emeralds balance makes these three powerhouses like nothing you've seen in hydrosols before. 

With LILFOX's maximalist attitude on our products each of our creations is highly concentrated and potent. The hydrosols help with longevity and absorption of each product making them an integral step in your morning and evening rituals. DISCO VERT the ultra-chic set that is as unique as you are, giving you the option to give your skin exactly what it needs at any given moment. 




GREEN TEA is grown in distinct mountainous regions of China and Japan with high rainfall and sunshine. The unique distillation creates a powerful tonic that diminishes the signs of aging, calms irritation, and even can diminish the appearance of cellulite (if we wanna do a full body post shower misting).

JADE can be the answer for bringing balance and love into your life with its flowing energy for cleansing and healing. The subtle energies of JADE when incorporated with your skin have an energetic regenerative effect on the bodily systems. Science has proven Jade is a natural transmitter of far infrared rays; creating renewal of skin cells giving a fresh vibrance to your skin. This gem boosts skin as well as self-esteem.

GREEN MELON: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. This vibrant green melon, cucumber water's natural enzymes have a soothing and cooling effect on the skin helping with sensitive and irritated skin. The fresh scent of cucumber combined with a white floral undertone awakens the senses, along with helping reduce puffiness plus its flavonoid antioxidants prevent cell degradation and protect your skin, making it perfect for a morning ritual. 

MOONSTONE is believed to harvest the energy of the moon, embodying passive and relaxing energy. Along with its ethereal beauty comes medicinal properties, known for rebalancing skins hormones and eliminating toxins for your blood. MOONSTONE holds the power of mystery, its secrets are locked beneath a pearly veil, carrying diving feminine energy which can be healing for both women and men. 

TULSI also called Holy Basil was grown around Indian Temples and is widely used in Ayurvedic and folk medicine, often as an herbal tea for a variety of ailments and is considered sacred in Hinduism. Referred to as the Elixir of Life, TULSI has powerful (yet gentle) antibacterial effects, as well as a unique aromatic profile of fresh cloves and mint bringing balance to your skin and your senses.  TULSI can boost your immune system and even help with insect bites and eczema.

EMERALD is a powerful stone with strong healing powers, bringing vitality to one's spirit. Helping with aging, EMERALD boosts collagen production and stimulates new cell formation.