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  • The Sexiest C Of Them All.

    There are enough Vitamin C products today to fill the Lago di Como.  Im here to shed some light on this amazing ingredient and why we chose to form...

    "As long as you have a good Vitamin C and a Retinol, everything else is not nearly as effective or necessary. Don't forget your SPF too!"  Ther...
  • Aroma Hunter Series
    The Perfect

    With my background rooted in aromatherapy I am always drawn to hydrosols. Our collection of toning mists each tout a single ingredient;  a superior...
  • BTS:
    End of the Day
    with Madame Fox

    After the studio lab is closed, the dogs are walked, and emails answered, I turn the tub on hot for my nightly steamy ritual.
  • Shower Power.

    This is a love letter to showers, don’t be so surprised! Showers can be the refreshing, invigorating counterpart to relaxing, languid baths.
  • 4 Must-Try Uses
    For Rosemary
    Toning Mist

     An instant best seller, this single note hydrosol could only have been hunted down by Madame Fox. The unique rosemary aroma is the finest you wi...
  • Three Beauty Expert Secrets
    that Don’t Cost A Dime

    “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills.”  ~Audrey Hepburn  Drink ...
  • The Luxury
    Weekend Guide

    I’m planning the perfect weekend getaway at the most gorgeous tiny-home eco-resort in the Catskill Mountains
  • Your Collagen
    Stimulating Beauty Hardware
    Also Feels Like Spa Bliss

                       It’s late in the evening, time for your nightly bath. Candles lit. Water flowing. Bath caddy loaded up with your favorite body p...
  • Meet Our Beauty Hero, Jeannie.




  • The 4 skin-gems you need every single day.💅💎

    Announcing a user friendly, luxury skincare set. Everything you need for beauty rituals morning and night; in a gorgeous, minimalist box. For decad...
  • A hydration love affair
    mists + oils

    The best part of a daily beauty ritual is, arguably, the face oil-and-mist step. It’s a delightful post-cleanse quench, dense with nutrients from a...