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Skin Couture
Fall Formula Upgrades

Skin Couture/                   Fall Formula Upgrades

The Couture Collection was just the beginning.

Ever since we launched Couture, we’ve been upping our game across the board. We’ve meticulously perfected some our bestselling, organic formulas by adding potent, clean, lab-derived actives. We’re just getting started.

The future of skincare is formulas more sophisticated than ever before. It’s the curation of the finest, artisan botanicals and the cleanest, most powerful lab ingredients. 

It’s a world powered by chemistry, traditional beauty wisdom, and aromatherapy. 

It’s The Aromatic Beautysphere




First up, Gelsomino Lip has been upgraded for extended moisture and pout-perfect plump with hyaluronic acid and squalane. It’s in a cute new jar, too, for a better take-it-with-you fit. We’ve added beeswax from a local, conscious apiary and, bonus!, it’s good for the pollinators. 

The details:

  • local Miami beeswax for longer staying power.
  • hyaluronic acid delivers full, smooth, and soft lips and long lasting hydration.
  • squalane delivers deep hydration.



We know we’ve got the best C on the market. Haute C made a big bang. Your sunspots faded, your complexion sparkled, your beautiful face rejoiced with the collagen boost. 

Now, we’re giving that same concentrate beauty-boost to your eyes in both of our bestselling eye treaments. 

Say hello to 5% tetra C in Kalahari Eye Serum and Cucumber Black Seed Eye Butter (we added just the right amount of clean, lab hyaluronic acid, too). 

The details:

Kalahari Eye Serum

  • 5% stable vitamin C for instant brightening, lightening, and long term collagen boosting 
  • hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and visibly plump.
  • as always; peridot infusion, gotu kola, horsetail and squalane for a smooth, youthful lift and glow

Cucumber Black Seed Eye Butter

  • 5% stable vitamin C for light, bright, and collagen plump
  • hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and visibly plump.
  • pomegranate sterols strengthen the acid mantle for dramatically increased moisturizing



Orange Blossom Ylang Bang + Flowerball Body Polishes

We reformulated the body polishes. And they're really, really good.

We kept everything you loved; the cellulite-erasing himalayan salt, the aha-rich turbinado, the decadent black cumin and rosehip oils. Then, we added a few new super-ingredients and whipped it to perfection.

  • welcome creamy mango butter for skin-smoothing
  • silky babassu oil for firming
  • and delicate maracuja oil to plump