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The Beauty Nurse +Her Pregnancy Skin-Saver

The Beauty Nurse +Her Pregnancy Skin-Saver

Melissa Berg aka @thebeautynurse is one of LILFOX’s favorite professional partners. She founded Crafted Beauty, a luxurious medical spa in Spokane Washington with holistic treatments as well and a beautiful retail space dedicated to treating the skin and person as a whole. 

Melissa who is a celebrated Beauty Expert in the industry, RN, top Aesthetics Injector and New Mama shared how she kept her always flawless look through her transformation into her newest role: motherhood.

Heres what our Melissa had to share about her skin during pregnancy and how the Dewy Bean Dream was and is an integral part of keeping her luminous glow. 

      Can you tell us a little bit about  your background?

“I have been in the skincare / aesthetic industry for the last 12 years as a cosmetic nurse injector. Skincare has played a huge role in the way I treat patients as well as for myself. Having healthy skin is the foundation for everything else we do in this industry…” 

         How did you discover Dewy Bean Dream, were you using it before      pregnancy, or did you discover it as a pregnancy alternative?

"I have been using retinol for the past 12 years so when I found out I was pregnant I knew I needed to find an alternative! Luckily we had already been carrying LILFOX at our medical spa, Crafted Beauty and was excited to try the Dewy Bean Dream.

To my surprise I have enjoyed the Dewy Bean Dream more so than I do my retinoids that I have used over the years.

Not once have I found a product that has eliminated all my blackheads and cleared my skin as well as the Dewy Bean Dream has.

It’s been a game changer product for me and I have used it nightly during my pregnancy as well as my postpartum period. I plan to continue to use this long-term.”

Did you find using Dew Bean Dream helpful with pregnancy - hormonal acne, and did you combine it with any other pregnancy safe products?

 With having pregnancy sickness my entire pregnancy my skincare routine was lacking. I needed to use a few steps to get through it but these steps needed to make the biggest impact.

I luckily had great skin my entire pregnancy while adding the Dewy Bean Dream. I never dealt with the dreaded pregnancy acne!

I have since put many pregnant mom’s on it and patients who don’t want to be on a retinol product. 

Did you use, or think to use Dew Bean Dream on parts of your body other than your face when pregnant? (We love it as a bikini line treatment!)

I did use the Dewy Bean Dream on my face/neck and chest every single night. 

Were you concerned about stretch marks throughout your pregnancy? If so, what were your preventative measures?

I wasn’t concerned about stretch marks but I did keep my skin hydrated throughout my pregnancy. After every bath and shower I would bathe in anti-aging body lotion!”

 We encourage you to follow Melissa and Crafted Beauty for the Best-in-Beauty!

And for those in the Spokane area, go and book a LILFOX facial with one of the their holistic aestheticians!