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Feel the Vibe. Energy-Aesthetics + our Muse Emilee Fernandes

Feel the Vibe. Energy-Aesthetics + our Muse Emilee Fernandes

Meet Emilee, the spa-industry thought leader behind frequency aesthetics. 


She’s the esti that trains the other estis. She’s an expert’s expert and a crucial contributor to our spa and esthetician partners programs. 

She designs LILFOX protocols for some of the most renowned spas on the planet and she’s the co-creator of our LILFOX gua-sha certification course with LILFOX Lead Aesthetician Ashley Austin. 

We went deep with her to grab you some instant-glow beauty tips and shed light on the future of skincare, aka frequency aesthetics. 

What stands out to you most about the LILFOX lineup?
LILFOX is a standout if you ask me! I love the concept of the aromatic beautysphere. it to me, perfectly sums up the sensorial experience of LILFOX inviting you into the divine creations of Mdm. LILFOX! The products are crafted with luxurious textures, scents and infused with brilliant energy that take you right to your own personal oasis. 
Can you explain the relationship between energy and skincare? 
Well, we can start off with the understanding that everything is energy! I believe that skincare is less about what and more about how. The skin is an emotionally authoritative 2-sided organ, that communicates with both the internal and external body, reflecting perfectly what we are responding to. When we look at this emotional connection, emotions are just energy in motion; until they get stuck that is! I often lead with, "if you're happy and you know it then your skin will surely show it," and the contrary is equally true.   
Energy creates a consciousness imprint in water (based on the teachings of Dr. Emoto) and knowing how much of our body and skin is made up of water, it would only make sense that there is a connection here.  If we change the state of our emotions, choosing to feel joy over sorrow and not in a bypassing way but in a choice of our (un)conscious reality, we can remain in this harmonious experience of our skin. 
We provide harmonizing energy medicine to our bodies through plants, crystals, frequencies, words, affirmation and nutrition and so much more!  
Beauty is more about a feeling and an essence than it is about how you look. "How do you want to feel today?" is the most powerful question we can ask ourselves because beauty is indeed all about energy in motion. 
Can you talk a bit about the frequency-focused protocols you created with our products for our spa partners? Is there one in specific you'd gift everyone in the world right now if you could?


Oh, the brilliance of these collaborations. The foundational idea was that each protocol was created with a specific frequency in mind. These intentions were coded in each and every one of the spa protocols to encourage a deep transformation and connection within them. There is a lot of noise right now in the spa space around healing and "mind, body, soul" work but, these are beyond that level of self-care. With each intentional tuning fork, crystal inclusion and signature massage step, we really wanted to focus on taking the receivers through their own healing experience. The imprint of these protocols was designed to have a long-lasting memorable pulse to them that when combined with the curated ingredients inside the bottles, became undeniably magical! 

If everyone could experience the lucid awakening treatment, I do believe that the world would be a better place! 

Tell us about the LILFOX gua-sha certification program you created, what makes it special?
It was an honour to create with LILFOX on the gua-sha certification program!  This program was designed to honour first and foremost the history and origin of gua sha while tending to the ever-present conversation around colonization and appropriation. We discuss before any technique the seriousness, honour,  sensitivity and inclusion statements that need to be declared around this modality when sharing through social media and with receivers. There is a responsibility for anyone who chooses to incorporate gua sha to understand what an honour it is to be able to share in the cultural significance of gua sha. We also have a large emphasis in our academy around teaching the theory, ideology, anatomy and physiology to great lengths prior to teaching any sort of protocol. We also believe in empowering intuitive channelling of modality use once you understand the basic protocols, by calling in your ancestors to show you how this to can work collaboratively to provide healing for the client. 
What's the single most useful practice that anyone, anywhere, can do at home that's changed your beauty life?
Ooo, this is a good one! I have so many... I would have to say at this time in my life what is really working to bring beauty into my life is dancing while doing my skincare routines! I turn up a good Mariah Carey throwback, close my eyes and start cleansing from all levels, timelines and bodies! For me, dancing and connecting with my divine feminine self really turns my beauty all the way on! It's always about how I can live more from my hips that make me more beautiful. Beyond how sexy it can be to be in this power state, you can activate a new state of mind, state of beauty and reality for yourself just by allowing yourself to be your most fully expressed self! 
So I guess the ask is, "what makes you feel the most beautiful?" Do more of that, now!!!
What does our base need to know about frequency aesthetics?
It is the future of the beauty industry! We are already seeing so many energetic modalities normalized in beauty culture, but this wasn't the case when I started providing energy infused aesthetic and beauty services 6 years ago.  
By incorporating a beauty affirmation, frequency music or sound healing, crystals, plants and earth medicine, you not only experience the pleasure of beauty but your soul is nourished, uplifted and supported. Acts of beauty have the ability to treat your multidimensional self, so stop using beauty in a one-dimensional approach!  Try on new approaches and do not be afraid to play with the energy of light in your rituals. How can I be a light today? That is true ageless embodiment! 
What's one small, frequency-based practice LILFOXERS can put into play in their beauty routine tonight?
Energy hugs for your skin. So simple. Close your eyes. Begin rubbing your hands together to create your own personal energy signature. Once warm, give your body a full wash of love starting at your crown, working your way down the body until you reach your feet. This can be physically touching the body or working in the auric field. Feel as your heart radiates, your solar plexus lights up and your crown is flooded with divine love. When you notice a shift in your energy, take a small amount of your serum, nectar, treatment product or whatever your applying. and supercharge it with radiance and grace by stating what beauty you choose to be with this act. Now apply it to your skin pressing it in repeating your beauty essence, compressing and massaging gently. 
With repeated use and conscious invitations for yourself to show up for you in this way, you can become the greatest expression of yourself! No tools needed :) 

How can our community find you, study with you, and connect with you further?
You can find me at www.emileefernandes.com and on Instagram @jem.aesthetics.academy and @jemaesthetics. With our multi-spa locations and. global training academy we have a wealth of supportive programs launching soon!  We do already offer transformational, frequency-based training courses for the evolving esthetician and invite everyone to come co-create with us as we venture into our new launch, The Whole Skin Method, a place where intuitive skin coaching, lifestyle programs and your greatest you come to life! 
Last but not least, who's your beauty icon and why?
It's probably my mom! I know it sounds so cliche, but for real! She is probably a huge part of why I am in this industry. She too is an esthetician and brought me into the industry at the age of 14, being her "helper" for wedding makeups. Without her allowing me to shadow her many weekends, trusting me to wax my sister's eyebrows at 15 and express myself through beauty, I likely wouldn't be embodying this work.