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Beauty Tool Box
How to Properly Care For Your Tools

Beauty Tool Box/How to Properly Care For Your Tools

Don’t be a tool! Proper tool care ensures a long life for your tools, best results for you, and good clean fun.


All LILFOX beauty tools come in artfully designed boxes that are bespoke designed to fit your tools perfectly. The boxes make traveling with your tools a cinch so be sure to keep them even if you opt to display your tools somewhere their beauty can be easily admired. 

The Chill Wands come in a temperature therapy ready box that can be placed directly in the freezer and prevent your wands from getting scuffed.


Always wipe your tools down after using them. The crystal and stainless steel surfaces clean easily with a warm, soapy cloth and can be hand dried with a clean towel as well. Estheticians prefer to spritz their tools with rubbing alcohol during their wipe-down. Other options are white vinegar or our rosemary hydrosol, Mystic Awakening Toning Mist

Never skip the cleaning step. Your complexion demands that you apply clean, antimicrobial tools to clean skin, otherwise you may just rub microbes into your own skin.

Energetic Clearing

Your tools are sacred energy instruments. The Illumina line (eye mask, roller, and gua sha) are made of crystals and the Chill Wands are made of stainless steel so they all do well with a monthly cleanse in the full moon’s light on your window sill. Between lunar cleanses, spritz your crystal tools with Sandalo Toning Mist to clear their energy. You can also place a piece of selenite on them overnight to pull out and break up stored energies.