Our Gift To You! 2 Beautiful Deluxes With Every Order


"Skin and its care are my jam. I suffered from hormonal cystic acne. I got facials once a month to combat it. My dermatologist put me on an acne products which cleared the acne, but my skin was dry and lackluster. Then I met Alexis and was introduced to LILFOX. I adore beautiful ingredients from the Earth in stunning packaging I can display sink-side and LILFOX is all of that. I took a ton of the range home and began to use it immediately, religiously. The result was the most dewy, glow-y, healthiest skin I have ever had the pleasure of rocking. I could see the most stunning difference and so could everyone around me. I have NEVER received so many compliments, not only from friends and family, but also from experts like my aesthetician who told me time and time again that my skin had never looked better, even under her giant microscope.

I will NEVER use anything, but LILFOX on my skin, face and body. I am obsessed with Alexis and LILFOX and love spreading the words to those I adore. There is nothing like LILFOX and my skin and I are stoked to have found it. We are lifers!"

-Malachy, LILFOX adorer since 2015

"I received your products through Beauty Heroes, and I had to tell you that as someone who has struggled with acne since preteen years, your Jungle Glow mask is the ONLY product Iv'e tried that literally made my blemishes basically basically completely go away overnight. And with all of the acne products out there that claim they do that and don't I'm literally in shock! Thank you so much!"
"Oh my oh my, I could go on and on about this mask. Jungle Glow singlehandedly turned me on to the morning masking ritual. Raw Honey, Raw Cacao, Rosehip seeds, Maracuja oil - this mask is a dream. And it's so silky and easy to smooth onto skin. As an added bonus, it smells like heaven (then again, what LILFOX product doesn't?) I highly recommend sitting back and allowing this one to work its magic for as long as you can!"
"This line is so wonderful, whimsical, and really lovely!... Alexis knows aromatherapy and I’m loving her special blends. Again, a little goes a long way with all of Madame Fox’s creations. No watered down formulas for this Vixen Formulator! This (Kalahari Eye Serum) is a super powerful anti-aging product and so far I have not seen one eye wrinkle."
-Britanie of Beauty By Britanie
"I've experienced one of the best brightening effects ever with this powerhouse mask (Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Brightening/Antioxidant Mask). This gentle mask thats perfect for sensitive skin and also detoxifies and soothes skin...The (Orange Blossom Ylang Bang Body Butter) is probably the most luxurious body butter I have ever usedin my life..more than just a body butter, it's an intensive deep moisturizing treatment." - Andrea of OrganicBeautyLover
"In short, Lil Fox is all about luxury and overtaking the senses...Alexis Rose or Madame Fox the genius behind this gorgeous line is a certified aromatherapist, essential oil guru, and phytotherapist. All of her loves including the healing properties of crystals are infused in her creations, and it is safe to say it is nothing but pure magic...I am not kidding when I say my skin has NEVER felt more soft and smooth. If there is some fountain youth, I think this has ingredients from it. (Maracuja + Rose Face Nectar)... (Chlorphyll + Tourmaline Antioxidant/Brighteniing Mask)  Whenever I take this off my pores instantly look smaller, and my face looks brighter. Whenever my skin is congested and just not havin' it, I break out this bad boy." -Ashley of GreenBunny Video + Blog
"Please keep providing and producing your unique and earthy products - love them so. It connects me both to a beautiful earth and lifts my spirit at the same time - Magical…the Anahata spray while I am painting now and the Eye Butter I have in the fridge that gives me a chill every night before sleeping…such a great way to luxuriate and fee happy!"
-MIA (customer)
"I just wanted to tell you how much your products have dramatically improved my skin. It has been a month or so since I began using all you told me to use and I'm so happy with my skin. I can go out of the house with no foundation and I'm not embarrassed. I wish I had taken a before and after picture because the results are just unreal. Thanks so much!"

"The Aphrodite Rose Toning Mist is exactly what I need in the idle a stressful day..It’s like a mini piece of paradise as you inhale it’s magical properties. Reminds me of my heavenly bed thats waits for me at the end of my day. Great for traveling and to help aid in sleep!"
-GAIL (customer)

"I was left with substantially less red and more healthy skin after using the Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Face Treatment Mask. It erased any signs of dullness and left me with that lit-from-within glow that I can usually only achieve through exercise…my favorite of the bunch is the unbelievable wonderful Kalahar Watermelon Seed Eye Serum…My dark circles are one of my ultimate skin insecurities. They’re hereditary, super dark, and really only have been dented by seriously powerful Rentinol formulas…this lightweight formula absorbs easily and quickly gets to work fighting fine lines, dehydration, and darkness around your eyes. Ive been using it day and night..and I can honestly say that no natural formula has ever worked so wonderfully for my dark circles - they have not only lightened but are substantially more hydrated and less sunken looking…This product is a miracle worker…"
-MORGAN of BlushingWit Blog

"My order came meticulously packed with a lovely hand written thank you card from Madame Fox herself.. Luxury is in each detail and LILFOX has thought about each one! The Orange Blossom Ylang Bang Body Polish is the bomb! It has made me a bath believer. My skin feels like absolute silk after using it. The scent is so rich and indulgent - makes it impossible to go back to anything not pure + natural. Synthetic scents - No Thank you!"

-EMILY (customer)

"The products I have tried exceeded my expectations along with the top notch customer service - always there to answer any questions. This is the healthiest my skin has felt since switching products and I love that they are all natural. Don’t be afraid that you are using oils, they are amazing - I even have my daughter using them!! Thank you!!!!"
-EVA (customer)

"I have not used any other line of skincare since I have been introduced to LILFOX. I have used almost every brand of moisturizer out there - Always dry skin after applying within a few hours. LILFOX Body Butters work into the next day and gives makes my skin so soft. I love to add the Orange Blossom Ylang Bang Body Polish to my evening bath and soak. My skin is like velvet after. These products truly are a lifesaver for your skin."
-KATHY (customer)

"Your products are delicious!"
-MAGGIE (customer)

"I love LILFOX. From the presentation of the perfectly packed box arriving in my mail to the hand written thank you card. I have very sensitive skin and am so pleased to use a line that accommodates this. The Cucumber + Black Seed Eye Butter is amazing! The crows feet line around my eyes has become finer since I started using it and the skin around my eyes is so soft. The Orange Blossom Ylang Bang Sugar Body Polish in my bath! Not only is the smell delightful but my skin is softer than ever."
-BONNIE (customer)

"Luscious Jungle Vixen - If you want delicious go for the Orange Blossom Ylang Bang Body Polish. I love the scent and the smooth softness to my skin after. Velvety, Silky, you name it."
-BIRGIT (customer)

"My husband stole my Cucumber + Black Seed Eye Butter for his business trip and my sister in law used all my Island Vixen Coconut + Dead Sea Body Polish. Need to keep a back up stock of LILFOX from now on!"
-ANA (customer)

"My favorite product that I keep using is the Peppermint Lip Balm. The cool feeling it leaves when I apply it, makes me keep going back from more, as well as the chemical free taste. Thank you for all of your products!"
-LAURA (customer)

"From the impeccable packaging to the way my order came wrapped in perfection to the hand written card from Madame Fox-  I am so happy I found LILFOX. The Moon Blossom Perfume Oil is the most intoxicating and addictive scent I have used in a long time and its actually good for you with no nasty chemicals like most perfumes! Will keep this with me at all times. Every night I look forward to going home so I can indulge in all of my LILFOX products."
-ERICA (customer)