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Awaken Your Senses With Mystic Awakening

Awaken Your Senses With Mystic Awakening
Our love affair for artisan distilled hydrsols goes far beyond using them simply as toning mists, post cleanse. They are an integral part of our daily beauty ritual, not only for their hydrating properties which leave skin plump and dewy, they also allow for faster absorption of our nourishing face nectars. They may be used as the water component to activate our botanical clay masks or as sensually stimulating face and body mists after a long day of work or travel. 
We source the plant waters used in our toning mists from a certified organic distiller in the South of France who distills them in copper at low temperatures with a majority of the plant material being fresh and not dried. This createsmore bright and complex energetics and aromatics. They are distilled solely for their aqueous extracts and not a by product of essential oil distillation. 
Mystic awakening is a synergy of steam distilled organic Rosemary verbenone hydrosol infused with amethyst crystals. Rosemary has incredible therapeutic properties for the skin. It is extremely antimicrobial, purifying and stimulates circulation. 
The amethyst crystals in every bottle releases energy for balancing and raising spiritual awareness. The synergy of rosemary verbenone hyrdrosol with amethyst crystals brings mental clarity and elevates consciousness to allow for a spiritual awakening as you enjoy this gentle herbaceous mist.