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A love affair with Quartz

Illumina/A love affair with Quartz

We have an innate love affair with clear quartz. Known as the master healer this  translucent gemstone is also considered to be the light bringer of the crystal world.

The word quartz comes from Greek word for ice and with its glacial like appearance, gorgeous transparency, and an instant cool-to-the-touch appeal.  

Clear Quartz is an abundant mineral found in every corner of the Earth, from  Brazil to New Mexico  and all the way across the pond to China . Chemically speaking this silicon dioxide-rich stone is known for its ability to absorb, store, and regulate the release of energy.  The perfect balancing stone. We love it for it's sustainability too!


The quartz is a beautiful and powerful amplifying stone.  This means that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. The clarity of its many faces can spark memory, hone in on concentration, and bring your whole being back to balance.

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