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Facial How-To
+ Beauty Crush Interview

Facial How-To/+ Beauty Crush Interview

Meet Ashley Austin, Lead Aesthetician at LILFOX + Professional Trainer


Who is your beauty idol?

I had to think about this question intently. I do not have a beauty idol per se. I am inspired by so many women. When I think of being inspired by a woman and her beauty, I immediately think of my Grandmother—Norma Jean. She was a beauty queen in the late 1940’s — Miss San Bruno of The San Francisco Bay Area. She always wore a skirt with kitten heels, soft curls framing her face, light powder for her complexion, and mauve, satin finish lipstick. 

I remember sitting on her counter in my early adolescence, exploring her vanity and beauty products.  I would always find her green case powder compact, and can still remember how it smelled of sweet vanilla and musk. I really loved her beauty rituals. She was a classic vintage beauty

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The Green Juice Ritual; How To

The Recipe

  • Draw a hot bath or a footbath for your Azure, add it to the hot water with extra salts for extra detox. 

  • Cleanse your face. 

  • In a bowl combine: Chlorophyll, Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar, and Bitter Orange.

  • Mix together, apply evenly.

  • Sit back and enjoy your soak while your mask sinks in.

  • Remove with a warm wet cloth.

  • Apply face nectar to seal in moisture.