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Aroma Hunter Series/ The Perfect / Sandalwood

With my background rooted in aromatherapy I am always drawn to hydrosols. Our collection of toning mists each tout a single ingredient;  a superior hydrosol distilled by artisans at low temperatures to preserve the healing phyto-nutrients. After all, according to Suzanne Catty in Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy  "Hydrosols are a hologram of the plant itself. They contain the whole plant in every drop."

I decided to go on an aroma-hunt. To source the PERFECT organic sandalwood hydrosol for our Sandalo Toning Mist version 2.0.

This sandalwood hydrosol is distilled in and grown from trees in Hawaii made from 100% Santalum paniculatum, a variety of Sandalwood that is endemic to Hawaii. The producers of the sandalwood hydrosol are part of a project focused on restoring the native dryland forests of Hawaii, planting Sandalwood trees to resurrect land that has been battered by cattle and sheep ranching.

The aromatics are soft, subtle and woodsy. Like a sandalwood grove after a delicate rainfall. 

Why I love it: A hydrosol immerses your cells in hydration while protecting the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier. Super healing sandalwood delivers deep hydration and primes skin for your oil-based moisture treatment. This allows skin to receive both water and oil soluable photo-nutrients and minerals. 

The Sandalo mist is infused with a smoky quartz crystal that acts as your spiritual satellite to connect heaven and earth.