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Hot and Cold
Cryo+Thermo Chill Wands

Hot and Cold/  Cryo+Thermo Chill Wands
What feels shocking at first becomes refreshing and then, quite addictive!
I was first introduced to an aesthetician grade stainless steel massage tool by my favorite Miami esti, Olga.  She gave me the most soothing serum massage with two warmed wands and I will never forget the moment when I exclaimed to her, "What are those? They feel amazing!"
I love that you can work with three different temperatures when approaching your daily facial massage ritual.
The professional grade stainless steel wands can be enjoyed frozen right out of the freezer for the most exhilarating sensation. After a frozen wand massage, the skin is refreshed and awakened like nothing I have experienced before!
Coming out of the fridge, the cold allows for a depuffing detox anytime of the day. The cold instantly minimizes pores and you can dramatically sculpt in 5 min!
Then, my favorite...
Warmed out of my skin fridge (or wrapped in a  heating pad) over the Dewy Bean Dream and Prickly Pear every night before bed. This enhances the actives to penetrate deeper into skin's layers. 
This is the most soothing ritual before bed. I even love them on sore calves after a long day of work in the beauty lab.