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It's Science | Pink's Deep Dive Into Marshmallow Root + Balsam of Peru

It's Science | Pink's Deep Dive Into Marshmallow Root + Balsam of Peru

Get ready to step up your bath time routine with our new Pink Bath Milk and Pink Salt Soak. Enjoy a luscious, spa-worthy reset for your mind and body with the aromatic and rejuvenating key ingredients of Balsam of Peru and Marshmallow Root Extract

The benefits of including a Milk Bath in your daily routine are endless, but most importantly a Milk Bath will intensely hydrate the skin and replenish any lost moisture, which is a key staple of keeping skin feeling and looking youthful, healthy, and radiant.  Salt Soaks are equally beneficial to your bath time ritual; by gently exfoliating the skin, the Salt Soak will remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, and enhance cell turnover for luminous looking skin.   Whether it’s a 5-minute soak or a longer, self-care retreat, the power of a bath with good-for-you skin ingredients has restorative qualities that will have you looking good and feeling even better.

Balsam of Peru is a powerhouse ingredient that is used in many different ways, including medicinally, aromatically, and, when found in skincare products, topically.  Found in the sap of a tree native to El Salvador, Balsam of Peru (or Peru Balsam) contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.  It’s a valuable ingredient in skincare products for its soothing and protective qualities.  Balsam of Peru in the Pink Bath Milk and the Pink Salt Soak offers a deep botanical detox with its antibacterial and antifungal nature.  The antioxidant properties naturally found in Balsam of Peru work to rid the skin of, and protect against, free radicals.  Balsam of Peru has a natural scent of vanilla spiced cinnamon and warm woods contains 60-70% cinnamein, which is a combination of different cinnamic acids, vanillin, and other cinnamic-related ingredients.  The natural scent offer a warm, cozy, subtle aromatherapeutic component towards deep relaxation in your bath time soak.  With anti-inflammatory properties, Balsam of Peru soothes irritated skin, calms skin aggravations, and leaves skin feeling restored.

Similarly, Marshmallow Root Extract doubles down on the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, and boasts an infusion of vitamins and minerals.  Found in Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa, the herb is a newly emerging cult classic skincare ingredient.  

Mucilage, a thick, sap-like ingredient extracted from the plant roots, is viscous gold for skincare applications.  Marshmallow Root Extract is ideal for dry or sensitive skin because it works as a humectant, meaning it protects and locks in the skin’s moisture barrier.  Not only does Marshmallow Root Extract protect the skin against free radicals, otherwise known as harmful environmental aggressors, it has also been seen to provide aid to the appearance of UV damage on the skin caused by sun damage, although it should not be used as a replacement for any sunscreen or SPF.  Rather, consider it your SPF’s new best friend.

Marshmallow Root Extract is also ideal for sensitive skin, particularly those with rosacea or eczema, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and calm the skin.  Pairing the Pink Bath Milk and the Pink Salt Scrub in your shower or bath ritual will not only feel luxurious, but will also elevate your daily routine to include products that work overtime to help improve the overall appearance of your skin both immediately and long term.

When paired with Balsam of Peru, their overlapping skin benefits enhance one another’s performance. Behold, Pink is your new evidence-based, botanical active rich skincare bestie duo.