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We have been working with Lead Aesthetician Ashley Austin to offer a unique range of energy-focus face and body protocols for our luxury spas and holistic aestheticians . Heres what Ashley had to say about her Intuitive-Beauty-Approach to the development of the signature LILFOX protocols for the treatment room...

I started my Aesthetics career almost 15 years ago at a  beauty college in Northern California.. During my time in school, I had a terrible response to required practice facials from my cohort resulting in cystic acne.  I graduated with a full face of red, rash like cystic acne. 

My skin eventually cleared up, and I transitioned to a minimal skin care routine. I also walked away from offering facials and focused on waxing, brows, and makeup artistry. How could I offer facials if I myself couldn’t even receive them? 

My skin didn’t fully clear up until about 3 years postpartum when I started using whole plant organic skin care. It was as if my skin started healing overnight. 

When my daughter was born 7.5 years ago I had a flare up of acne. It was cystic and rash like but a bit different than what I had experienced in beauty school. I tried everything to avoid medication and aggressive topicals.

I believe in an inner and outer beauty approach. I use plant based organic actives and botanicals, emotional and energetic balancing, and integrated holistic facial massage techniques which support myofascial release and lymphatic drainage.  I channel intuitive guidance while working on my clients.

My awareness around Intuitive beauty was further expanded upon by Emilee of Jem Aesthetics Academy who helped my understanding of the emotional skin response. I have witnessed clients have major skin transforms through the healing modality, some who’ve had cystic acne for decades.


We created a beautiful Gua Sha certification process for LILFOX Aesthetician wholesalers through Emilee’s school. It’s truly unique and the first of its kind for any holistic skincare brand to date.


I found LILFOX in a search for whole plant organic skin care line based out of Florida. I was blown away by LILFOX’s luxe and eco conscious approach to skin care and their gorgeous aesthetic. 


My friendship with Alexis has yielded incredible collaborations. Our small businesses thrive in collaboration with each other. When we decided to develop the signature LILFOX massage and facial we brought Emilee into the fold and the collabs have been next level ever since. That’s how we created our Gua Sha certification course, the only one of its kind offered from a skincare line. 

Emilee and I designed detailed protocols for every tool that LILFOX has launched including the Illumina Clear Quartz Crystal Roller, Illumina Crystal Eye Mask, and even the Chill Wands.


Together, we design facial and body protocols with beautiful rituals to elevate the client experience. Detailed sequencing includes every tool that LILFOX has launched.  We continue to design intuitive aesthetic rituals. I stay busy working with LILFOX by co-hosting training calls, Gua Sha certifications, and always creating, innovating, evolving with the brand.