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4 Must-Try Uses
For Rosemary
Toning Mist

4 Must-Try Uses/For Rosemary/ Toning Mist

 An instant best seller, this single note hydrosol could only have been hunted down by Madame Fox. The unique rosemary aroma is the finest you will ever smell. Distilled at low temperatures in copper pots, its skin-beautifying talents are fueled by whole plant actives meticulously preserved in the delicate process.  

Without further ado, our four favorite uses for Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist!

  • Make the most of your oil-based face nectar. Hydrosol is the necessary water component that allows for absorption of both oil and water based nutrients in your face nectar and helps to reduce an oily appearance when you apply nectar topically. 
  • Clear your mind and inspire creativity without that second cup. An afternoon slump must-have, it’s refreshing and re-energizing before a meeting, before a run or gym session, and whenever you’re ready to brainstorm. 
  • Set your makeup with plant power. A quick spritz after you’ve applied your green beauty routine sets makeup and sends you off with an enchanting aroma.
  • Meditation inspiration. For folks who like an aromatherapeutic nudge on the cushion, rosemary is adored for its mystical properties and ours is infused with amethyst to bring you that much closer to alignment in the metaphysical.


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