Our Gift To You! 2 Beautiful Deluxes With Every Order


"As long as you have a good Vitamin C and a Retinol, everything else is not nearly as effective or necessary. Don't forget your SPF too!" 
There is a school of thought that there are simply 2 ingredients you should NEVER go without in you skincare.
While I personally don't agree 100% with this, I am not going to underestimate the potency of these ingredients, when formulated clean and correctly. The instant results they can deliver is undeniable!!
I am over the moon excited to be introducing to you our newest collection, our first skincare launch in 2 years featuring a gentle retinol alternative product AND a protective day serum with a generous concentration of potent and powerful type of Vitamin C. 
This is where things can get confusing.
Since there are so many types of retinol and Vitamin C it is overwhelming to know what products to select. 
Since these are such powerful ingredients in skincare and tricky to get just right, one can have a mediocre or bad-skin experience when testing these waters. 
These two ingredients both are incredibly temperamental when it comes to formulation and the chemistry involved. When formulated incorrectly, they can be unstable and oxidize quickly thus causing damage and irritation to the skin. In order to see results, high concentrations must be used in the formulation. These ingredients can then react with other active ingredients in the formulas causing sensitization, redness, peeling. The list goes on...
Thank goodness, there are many forms available for each. 
And, Not all are created equal. 
Thanks to new cosmetic developments, there are botanical sources of vitamin A that deliver results similar if not better than retinol. This involves double results of not only stimulating cell turnover AND simultaneously improving collagen (skin's protein) well being. 
Enter The Moth Bean.

This protein and vitamin A-rich legume (aka Dew Bean) replaces conventional retinol without sacrificing results. Its exfoliating and smoothing effects are further enhanced by its ability to retain moisture, earning this legume its luscious name.

Most companies formulate with this at up a wimpy 1%, but we've octopuled that to 8% in our new formula. This amount works over-time to deliver similar if not better results than retinol with out the sensitivity. And, it's 100% safe to use during pregnancy. 
Moving on to our SECOND ingredient feature. Tetra-C

I have chosen to work with  Tetrahecyldecyl Ascorbate as the main star in our second product in this Couture Collection.
It is a super stable, super potent form of Vitamin C.
Since it is oil-soluable its the ONLY form of Vitamin C that can penetrate into the dermis. It also absorbs the fastest. Making it the best option for all skin, especially aging and acne-prone. 
Here are some results from clinical trials:
*At 0.1% reduces melanin synthesis by 80%
*At 10% eliminated age spots in 4 months
*At 0.1% increases collagen by 50%
*Acne clearing at 10% with 80% satisfaction
*Increases collagen synthesis 2-3 times better than ascorbic acid

It's ability has been shown to delivery results in concentrations of 0.1%. We've formulated with it at potent 15%.

We can't wait to share these with you! We have seen incredible results. Keep your eyes peeled for our newest Couture Collection!