Love At First Smell | New Egyptian Lotus Extrait De Parfum | Waterlily + Rose De Mai

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day we have decided it's perfect timing to release our newest extrait de parfum, EGYPTIAN LOTUS.
An ode to sacred flower of the Nile. Divine Pink Lotus + Egyptian Rose de Mai are interwoven to create a unique and sparkling extrait de parfum.
Pink Lotus lends a floral green heart note, while honeyed Rose de Mai and warm Sandalwood unfold seamlessly melting upon contact with one's skin. Exuding a creamy rosaceous bouquet, sweet balsamic and ancient woods aroma with fresh citrus top notes.
(A bit softer and warmer in comparison to our rich and seductive MoonBlossom No.1 + Fôret Verte No.2 perfumes)
Sacred in ancient Egypt, Pink Lotus promotes tranquility and spiritual reflection. A symbol of rebirth, it can be seen retracting into the murky waters of the Nile at sunset and emerging in the morning Sun on the following day; just as the Sun disappears as night to return shining in the morning, Thus the pink lotus came to symbolize the Sun and Creation.