Celebrate Mamma + Her Beauty

Celebrate Mamma + Her Beauty
With Mother's Day approaching on May 10 we want to encourage you to celebrate Mammas and their beautiful loving energy.

Whether you are a mamma or not, this is the purrfect time to pause and reflect on the gentle nurturing energy of the female Vixen.

This can be a time where you not only think of your mamma and the loving females around you, but also a time to retreat and pamper yourself.

We want to inspire you and all vixens near and far to take your daily beauty ritual to the next level and harness the powerful Vixen that exists deep within.

The Vixen exudes sensuality with nurturing love and wisdom. The Vixen is a symbol of sisterhood and community possessing a healing and enlightening energy. She gains her beauty from a connection with Nature and Mother Earth. Making her daily Vixen beauty rituals a priority with detoxifying, nurturing and contemplative baths. Soaking in Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Crystals and anointing herself with rich and exotic cold pressed oils and plant butters. The Vixen's intoxicating beauty exists deep within her soul.