Our Gift To You! 2 Beautiful Deluxes With Every Order

Your Collagen
Stimulating Beauty Hardware
Also Feels Like Spa Bliss

Your Collagen/ Stimulating Beauty Hardware/  Also Feels Like Spa Bliss





It’s late in the evening, time for your nightly bath. Candles lit. Water flowing. Bath caddy loaded up with your favorite body polish, face nectar, and botanical mist. And, at last, your new RAINBOW OPAL FACIAL TOOLS.

You lean back, mist and nectar your face and embark on a ritual of collagen-activating gua sha, soothing and smoothing facial massage, and restorative eye masking. 

In the moment, the ritual feels so good you’re not even thinking of the beautifying effects. But, after, as you smooth on your evening moisturizers you notice plump, lifted, bright-faced perfection staring back at you in the mirror. 


Restore a natural glow with the new rainbow opal facial tools for increased circulation, pressure point activation, and cellular regeneration. Use daily to achieve your freshest-faced.

Give your botanicals a boost with our new sustainably crafted rainbow tools. 


Meet the team.


The Gua Sha 

The noninvasive facelift. 

  • Lymphatic drainage for reduced puffiness
  • Remove toxins and pollutants for clearer skin
  • Stimulate blood flow for brighter skin


The Roller 

The spirit-soothing facial massage. 

  • Skin-calming and anti-inflammatory 
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Visibly lift and refresh the complexion 


The Beaded Mask 

The digital detox master. 

  • Reduce puffiness
  • Restore serenity 
  • Your mask for non-facial days
  • In the bath, in savasana, before bed