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Monet's Garden | How To

Monet's Garden | How To

Like an impressionist painting, LILFOX rituals are meant to be beautiful, inspired, and open to interpretation. You can let the eyes and mind relax as the full expression of the ritual lands somewhere between your heart, your imagination, and your corporeal self.


Monet’s Garden Set

Pink Celestial Soak

Pink Heavenly Milk Bath

The Blue Legume Hydra Mask

Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist



•Pour both PINKS into your tub. Inhale deeply. 


•Lean back, apply the blue legume to a clean face. 


•Mist your face with Mystic Awakening and close your eyes.


•Use your roller, chill wands, gua sha, or mask—or simply close your eyes.


Press PLAY on our La Vie en PINK playlist or your favorite healing sound bath.