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End of the Day
with Madame Fox

BTS:/ End of the Day/ with Madame Fox


After the studio lab is closed, the dogs are walked, and emails answered, I turn the tub on hot for my nightly steamy ritual. My spaniard and I live on the Biscayne Canal, so I like to leave the french doors open to feel the tropical breeze coming in off the water. I never like to have an identical bath ritual from one night to the next, mixing it up keeps it dynamic and sacred. 

After my ritual is done, I dedicate time to educational content on our instagram stories so you all can self-keep like an expert. Then I enjoy a glass of wine and make a quick amatriciana pasta or a red risotto with a big salad. 


  1. Hot bath, a heaping bowl full of salts, a bit of babassu or coconut oils, and five drops essential oils. I’m a taurus and an aromatherapist and hunting down the most eco-luxurious aromatics is kind of my calling card. I’ll choose one of my blends or one of my single notes.
  2. My Spaniard brings me an aperol spritz or cup of tea depending on the night.
  3. First cleanse is with Amazon After Dark, to wipe the day away.
  4. Second cleanse I often reach for Jungle Glow, the honey enzymes give me chemical exfoliation while the silky rosehip seeds perform manual exfoliation. Always apply to a thoroughly wet face and massage for at least a minute.
  5. For my mask treatment I combine Chlorophyll Tourmaline with the Cupu Cool Jelly Balm and keep that on for at least 20 minutes. 
  6. For my body mask I cover myself chest to toe with the Eucalitpo Black Soap and continue my soak for another 20 minutes or so. 
  7. Pat try, rub my body butter in (always toward the heart) and wipe my face clean with a hot, steamy cloth. 
  8. I’ll apply my actives, something I’ll be telling you very soon, you’re going to LOVE them!
  9. Seal it all in with Sandalo Mist and Prickly Pear Face Nectar.