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Forest Floor + Why We Love It So

Forest Floor + Why We Love It So

                                                                    We just can't get enough of our Signature Scent, Forest Floor.

Forest Floor has a unique and earthy aroma that instantly transports one to the Magical Forest where LILFOX roams amongst the gorgeous towering pines.
This unique scent consists of extremely grounding essential oils distilled from a plant's roots. The energetic quality of the oils thus is very calming. When you think about what the root's purpose of in relation to the plant it helps to see why the energetics are so calming.

The roots of a plant anchor it to the soil, and absorb water and nutrients vital to the plant’s growth. Oils extracted from roots can support us through times of anxiety, fear, and instability. They support feeling grounded, settled, and calm.

Forest Floor contains a signature blend of aged Sri Lankan and Haitian Vetiver with Ghandi Root, Clove, Madagascan Vanilla Bourbon, and Bitter Orange. We find using the Forest Floor Salt Crystal Soak and Forest Floor Body Oil in and evening soak to unwind after a long day helps us to drift to LILFOX dreamland. In addition using the Forest Floor Body Butter before bed helps induce tranquility and sleep as well.